Nike's corporate responsibility to achieve the ambitious goal to develop business objectives

Published: 04th June 2010
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Nike Inc. (NIKE, Inc.) Today released its fiscal year 2005 and 2006, "Corporate Responsibility Report" (Corporate Responsibility Report) at the same time, announced a series of corporate objectives for 2011, further integration of corporate responsibility goals The long-term development and innovation business strategies. These goals set a benchmark for the following areas: improving the generation of factory labor conditions, become a "climate neutral" (climate neutral) enterprise, the promotion of sustainable product design and innovation, and enable young people to get more exercise through the release of benefits their potential. Nike, Inc. President and CEO Mark Parker said: "We see corporate responsibility as a catalyst for development and innovation. In how to use our brand, employees and business size energy and passion to achieve significant efficiency changes in this an overall strategy, corporate responsibility is an integral part. "Nike's corporate responsibility to develop objectives include: - 2011, by reducing the Nike brand in the excessive overtime on behalf of the factory to improve the labor situation. Excessive overtime against the code of the current labor law regulations, which Nike and the industry faces the most serious problems. Nike will continue to focus on improving the production of about 800,000 on behalf of Nike products, the status of factory workers. - 2011 years ago, so that all of the Nike brand factories, retail stores and businesses to achieve "climate neutrality." Through the World Wide Fund for Nature (World Wildlife Fund) of the "Climate Savers" (Climate Savers) project, Nike over the past two years has achieved its goal to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. In the 14 years of Nike Air cushioning system development period, Nike also reduced all of its branded products in the content of fluorinated gases.

2011 All Nike brand shoes (yield more than 225 million pairs per year) is designed to meet benchmark targets - to reduce product design and packaging waste, reducing the use of volatile organic compounds, greater use of environmentally friendly materials. Plan 2015 for all Nike brand apparel to achieve benchmark goals, all equipment by 2020 to reach benchmark goals. Nike is designing sustainable innovation to its product solutions, the company expects the solution will be able to create its value throughout the supply chain and support to achieve its objectives. - Plan to invest in the community, young people use sports energy release potential and improve their lives. Over the past two years, Nike has invested in community sports program of 1 billion. Nike plans to invest by 2011 at least 315 million U.S. dollars. In addition to developing business objectives, the Nike also continue to work through the continuously updated for more than 700 factories producing Nike products on behalf of the public information to enable supply chain visibility. In 2005, Nike became the industry's first open its vendor information in order to encourage transparency and cooperation with industry companies. Nike also announced its first on behalf of the audit of the factory method. These methods will help to further disclose the company is how to assess and monitor on behalf of the factory to meet the company standards, and help provide more expertise. Nike's "corporate responsibility report" has been published online, describes these and other business objectives Nike for more details. The report also provides the company's fiscal year 2005 and 2006, a comprehensive corporate responsibility audit work, and some forward-looking strategy. This is the company's third public corporate responsibility report. 2005-2006 fiscal year reporting period, including a critical period in this period, Nike in the design, definitions, and close to the goal of corporate responsibility has made great progress. NIKE, Inc. based near Beaverton, Oregon, is a sports and fitness activities for a variety of high quality sports shoes, sportswear, sports equipment and aids the global leader in the design, promotion and marketing businesses. Wholly owned Nike subsidiaries include the design, promotion and sale of athletic footwear, apparel and accessories Converse Inc. (Converse Inc.), A leading designer and marketer of hockey equipment, NIKE Bauer Hockey Inc., Luxury shoes, handbags , accessories and coats, a leading designer and marketer of Cole Haan, which designs, markets and distributes action sports and youth lifestyle footwear, apparel and accessories and Hurley International LLC, and the value retail channel designs and markets athletic footwear and apparel Exeter Brands Group LLC.

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